Why Choose Our Stork Signs?

Stork Handler Central provides the best quality stork rentals and yard card inventory. Learn why so many yard sign business owners and families choose our storks and yard cards. 

Why our Stork Signs?

Currently, our storks are the NEWEST on the market. So you won’t find  “30 +Years” in our marketing. But yes, a stork business can have that type of longevity. Instead, we’re going to educate you about the stork product and sell you on key features that really matter for your bottom line, rather than its use case in regards to time.  Older is not always better. Without further ado meet Generation Alpha Storks!

When we started our stork rental business we used other storks, we purchased from other companies in our local market who had wood ones and additionally purchased products from other stork vendors.
As we used the products we found some holes in the market, some core product development pieces that could really increase revenue, provide ease, and in return create a stronger profit margin because less time and less work equals more reward with more revenue.

Our storks are modern, they are beautiful, it’s most likely what caught your eye. They are traditional and yet different from any other stork you have seen but they are also created with these core development pieces in mind.

Stork Rental Features

1. Boys vs. Girls

Have you thought about boys vs girls? Which week will they come on? More boys or more girls? How do you have enough storks? Well, if you crack the algorithm here, please be sure to let us know.

We are very analytical, we like to look at numbers, data and patterns. BUT the truth is that in some cases such as this there is none.  When it comes to “which gender will be born this week,” you can’t predict it. But with our product you can be ready for it.  So what do you do for a business process when you can’t target how many you will need?

When using other storks this was the number one factor that led us to creating our own. We started with 6 storks, mainly because we needed 3 boys and 3 girls so we could accommodate 3 storks weekly, but as the business grew,  stork number 4 came along.

We found ourselves facing a week of all boys then a week of all girls,  and in a 14 day period I was missing out on 2 stork rentals at least.

When we designed our stork the strategy was, “if we have a stork we can make a rental happen for either gender.” Our stork is made to be both a girl and a boy. This is a real game changer for the rental business. When renting products your goal is to keep it out, not purchase inventory as backup.

Rent Stork Signs - Baby Girl Stork
Why Choose Us For Stork Sign Rentals

2. Sleek design, Modernized look, your hardware is not the main focus

Gone are the days of painting bolts, waiting for them to dry, and having them not be beautiful if you don’t have time to give them a refresh before your next rental. The bolts are no longer a focus of your design, created to blend as they are a functional piece not a display piece.  

3. Height at which they stand

When starting a stork or yard card business some key factors do not occur to you until after you have begun using your product. One of the most devastating things is to arrive for a lawn sign pick up and find your product has met a weed whacker and SURE there is terminology you can use to warn customers against this issue and even warn them that there will be debts to pay if they do not abide by this rule. However, remember you’re the fun business, you’re the one they called to bring smiles and joy and if you have to send them an invoice after the fact because of damages, well what fun is that?

One thing you need to consider with stork rentals vs yard cards is that the yard cards most likely won’t be there over a week. A stork rental can go 3, 5, 7, 10 days and honestly, we’ve experienced even longer. If a new family is taking pictures in front of their stork they are going to want the lawn cut. After experiencing damage to other products we knew the new stork needed to take care of this issue. Our stork sits up off the ground the perfect height for a weed whacker to get in and cut around it without damaging your stork. Additionally, it helps with your product sitting in dirt, decay, water, all things that will damage your product overtime. We still provide guidelines for our customers so they understand the stork is not indestructible but since making this update we have not had any issues.

4. Stork Bundle

Again, I monitored the time and the process every piece of a stork rental will take. Lead sourcing / marketing, phone calls, bundle creation, driving, installation, perceived value for cost, continued cost, and TIME!
The bundle was time, lots of time. We were tired of having to make sure to have enough blue vinyl and pink vinyl, tying and buying bows, hot glue ( the time to warm the gun and continued cost of glue), and wind supports (which customers always take in unless you give them some really good reminding).

Our bundles are made to not snap, and take very little time to make, and we provide you a sales template and process that’s full proof for making sure you never deliver a stork with a mistake that will cost you money and time to fix.

The old way of doing a bundle would take us an average of 30 minutes and new time with our product is 7 minutes, which is really based on how fast a machine can cut a bundle. 30 minutes does seem like a lot until you add on sibling pieces and multiple stork orders in 1 day. This time allocation should be considered for how you plan to run your business, will it be just you? Will you have a delivery team? Ideally, how many minutes can you provide a day making custom keepsakes if it’s just you and you are also doing EVERYTHING else?

Stork Rental Baby Keepsake Bundle

5. Ease for Transportation & Install 

Did you know the yard card industry right now is over 80% women-owned? Some people might be surprised to learn this fact because of the size of some of these lawn signs. One major problem I had in the beginning, especially with some of the very old wooden displays, was the weight and the fact that they could not be transported in my SUV. Which meant we needed most typically a man to deliver them. Not all of us have the choice to have our husbands’ help and even if we do, many of us might prefer that we could do our own installs. I needed a product I could transport in my SUV with a car seat, that I could carry, load, install, and not have to take apart the stork each and every time. 

TIME, the time to take apart a stork at installation and pickup is no longer an issue with our stork. Now if you multiply that amount of time by 2 (install and pickup ) and then multiply it by every stork install for the year imagine how much time you buy back. Now add in the time you save on a bundle. Annually we increase our stork rental prices and annually our cost per labor actually goes down. This type of simple math is what makes you a. business vs a hobby. 

6. All about the upsell 

“I don’t have experience in selling,”  “I’m not sure how to go about selling.” We have an easy fix for you. STOP selling, start serving. I can tell you right now if your only purpose of getting into the stork rental business is to sell and make money close the window now.

Yes, we rent a lot of storks a year. It’s a beautiful income for the effort and time my storks take me. However, it’s more than money. It’s the ability to really walk with people for an extremely special milestone. It’s the honor to be on a lawn installing something that a new family will come home to later that day. If answering the phone and speaking to your stork rental customers feels like an inconvenience to you, this is not the right business venture.

Which in turn leads us to the upsell. Once you find the right price point and strategy for the main product, your storks next you need to figure out how you add more per each interaction. Upsells include; sibling pieces, lights, mini displays, fur baby pieces, ornaments, grandparent pieces, etc. etc.

We have modernized the way these pieces are offered while saving you cost and time as well. Don’t play with all the different layers of vinyl for your sibling pieces, and our staking process is soooo easy, no extra materials needed except for 1 thing which you should already have in this business !

Lawn Signs for Pets
Yard Signs for Pets

7. Less inventory but more product diversity 

A few times a year I would get a call for a gender reveal stork, so I would have to let the sale go because our stork could only be a girl or a boy, and personally purchasing a whole stork for a category we weren’t renting at least weekly, didn’t feel like the right spending strategy. Then with the new stork, we were able to close on those sales as well as boy and girl twins! You need as many storks as you are renting, grow your flock as your numbers increase. Starting with 2 storks is a great way to get the product introduced, figure out your strategy and go from there. We have some who want to start with 4 but most do not need to start with 6. This saves you on initial startup costs, without sacrificing sales (in fact gives you room to make MORE sales), and hitting that breakeven point faster.

Why Rent Storks or Get Inventory From Us?

We’ve done the learning curve for you. We made the mistakes, we sourced the products available, we tested them, we improved them.  Get a few year’s leap ahead on a stork rental business rather than starting from scratch and trying to figure it out.

Yes, our storks are made to be cute and beautiful which is important because that’s customer-facing and all they truly care about. However, they also were made with the rental business in mind and through each part of the process we always considered how to eliminate these pain points for the next generation of storks .

Additionally with your first purchase of a stork kit you get access to our coaching calls. We are a wholesale company selling our products but we also run a successful local rental business out here doing what you’re trying to do all day every day.

If you’re just starting the process, think of how much you just learned about the product from these free few paragraphs, now imagine the value you could get from actually being a part of the flock? Check out this blog post on what one of our stork handlers had to say when signing on.

Schedule your intro call today, you will leave learning something!

Bobbi Daniels - Founder

The First Stork Handler

It all started, after a difficult journey, Bobbi and her husband finally brought home a little girl. When turning the corner to her street seeing the beautiful stork and everything that it represented, joy filled her heart, inspiring her to want to share that feeling with every future parent, friend, and family possible.

Bobbi graduated from Temple University, her early career consisted of leading nonprofits and other small businesses in the development and implementation of processes and best practices. Bobbi has applied her skills to her life passion of spreading joy to develop her own local rental business and national product line through Stork Handler Central.