Let’s Take Flight

Select the package that best fits your goals and business needs. If you have any questions along the way, please reach out. We are proud to offer our Stork Handlers fast, flexible financing through our lending partner.

Is the yard card sign business profitable? 

Like any business, yes, it most certainly can be. The more effort you put into your business, the more return you will see. 

Do you offer financing or a payment plan? 

Yes, we do! Click here to learn more and apply.  

What are the upfront costs for starting a lawn sign business? 

Initial investment depends on which package you select. Contact us to discuss more about each option. We will work with your budget to help you select the plan that best meets your needs. 

How do I get started with my own stork rental business?

Check to see if we have a Stork Handler in your area. If not, fill out the form to request a phone conversation, review our products, and purchase your Stork Starter Kit. In a matter of weeks, you can begin spreading joy!  

Why do I need insurance for a lawn sign business? 

All businesses need insurance. Insurance protects you from unforeseen “what if” circumstances, and though statistically those situations are not likely, the possibility is always there. Better to be prepared than not. Remember this is a business and must be treated as such. Hobbies don’t make money; businesses do. 

How do I start my yard sign business? 

Do some market research first and foremost. If there are other Stork Handlers in your area, it does not mean they are your competition; it indicates there is a market. Decide what will make your business different, what you will offer, and what your price point is. Once that is determined, create your business entity. Find a list of steps here. Then purchase one of our packages, and follow our blog to see additional offerings. 

When will I receive my products?  

After you submit your order, we will begin production after 72 hours. Once production begins, your order is final. We typically allow 14-18 days for production, give or take. Shipping is overnight on business days. 

How much profit can I make? 

This will depend greatly on how much effort you put into your business. Building a network, launching a website, and establishing social media accounts are all important steps you can take to help spread the word. Sit down and do the math — that will allow you to set a reasonable goal and finalize how many storks you should start with. 

Will I be the only one in my city with your designs? 

Stork Handlers are not always exclusive to their zip code. Though Stork Handler Central limits our Handlers to one per area, we can not stop another Handler from a different company from selling in your territory. With the purchase of your Stork Starter Kit, you will select zip codes in a 20 mile radius from your home or business. Annually you will have the option to decide if you would like to continue to operate in that territory as a Stork Handler. This gives you the ability to move and easily change your territory in case the need arrives. 

What happens to my territory if I move? 

If you move and would like to continue operating as a Stork Handler, we want that too. We will work with you to outline your new territory and confirm if there are other Stork Handlers there. 

Can I purchase multiple territories? 

Yes, if you begin renting your storks and realize you would like to expand your business into other unclaimed areas, then we would outline an agreement that would include the other zip codes you desire. They would be treated as two territories and each would be subject to renewal annually. 

What happens if you operate in another Stork Handler’s territory? 

We would hope that you would see the business benefits of referrals and sharing the good of what we do. Our agreement is a promise to you to not sell storks to someone else in your territory, but unfortunately we cannot control nor monitor if someone else with a different stork model or vendor decides to rent storks within that territory. It is highly recommended that you network and work together in order to provide your customers the best service, and learn from each other’s business models. 

Do I need a storefront to operate this stork lawn sign business? 

Storefronts are not necessary as Stork Handlers. Most Stork Handlers, including Bobbi herself, operate this business from their homes. Little overhead means more money in your pocket, and quicker return on your investment. However, if you currently have a storefront, such as a party rental business or a florist shop, storks are a wonderful addition to what you are already doing. 

How many storks do I need to get started? 

This will depend on your revenue goals. As we stated above, it would make sense for you to do some simple math to decide how many storks you will need to reach the weekly, monthly, and annual goals you set. We have a few different package options, one of which starts with 2 storks, but this is recommended for those truly looking for supplemental income. If you want to make a salary, we recommend 4-6 storks to get started. With our product, you will only need to purchase more storks when demand exceeds supply. In other words, you will only purchase additional storks when your business becomes so busy that you are turning away customers because all of your storks are rented. Our storks are customizable, so if you have only one stork not rented, you can easily transition the stork to a boy or girl to fit your customer’s needs. This means you need fewer storks to get started and store because you can easily turn a bird over for whatever type of rental you need.  

How do I know when I need to purchase additional storks? 

The day will come that you will get the call to supply a stork and you won’t have any storks at home to rent. The loss of that sale will sting, and you will know it’s time to order more. Luckily, we will be here to help. Again, a little math helps here: if you are missing out on 2 stork rentals each week, that means you are losing X amount of dollars each week. Multiply that by 4 weeks to equal a month, and you can easily decide if it’s monetarily worth it to buy more storks. 


In addition to purchasing a business package, what else is required to begin my business?

In order to purchase one of our business packages, you need to register your business (which is surprisingly simple and steps can be found here), and purchase insurance. The good news about insurance is that your rates only go up based on your revenue, so expect to only spend more money when you are making more money. This is a requirement for our package because we want you to be protected for any unexpected situations. A lawsuit of any kind could completely destroy all that you have worked for, no matter how frivolous the lawsuit, and we want to make sure you can protect yourself and your assets. 

Are the signs difficult to set up? 

Our signs are the most modern on the market, which means they are easy to set up and take down. They are designed for easy transportation, and should only take a few moments to install and break down. Our birth announcement yard signs are made to make you money and save you time. Why? Because we want the exact same. As a stork rental business in our own local community, we know what it takes, and we knew firsthand the revisions needed to be made to make this product not only beautiful, but a real moneymaker for the Stork Handler renting it. 

Our product is the most traditional, yet modern stork on the market. Our storks are made of strong, durable materials that are sure to impress you from the moment you receive your flock. Our local community loves our designs and honestly, we never have enough birds! 

Do I need a large truck to transport the signs?

Our birds can be transported in any size vehicle; whatever you have will work. No need to make expensive purchases for what you anticipate you may need. Our suggestion is to use whatever you have and decide down the road if you need something different to cater to your unique requirements. Bobbi personally puts her birds to flight with her small SUV (and still has room for the carseat!). 

How do I structure my pricing? 

Great question, but no two answers will be the same. Why does Janie down the street get $60 for her cookies and Karen gets $120? Know what you’re selling, understand your value, try different price points, and find what works best for your area. The price point for rural Ohio would be different than suburban New Jersey, for example. We can give you some ideas on our price points during a “101 Meet the Stork Handler” introductory call if you have additional questions. 

I already have a yard sign business, but I never get calls for birth announcements. Why should I consider storks? 

It’s not that the demand for a stork is not there; it’s that you currently do not offer or advertise what your customer wants. If you own a yard sign business currently and know what it takes to make that successful, you’re in a great position to pivot into this market as well. Let’s schedule a “101 Meet the Stork Handler” introductory call where we can share with you how we got into storks and why it’s been extremely successful alongside our yard sign business.  

Do you run promotions to rent the storks? 

The only discounts we give on a stork rental is if a customer is ordering multiple birds for the birth announcement. That could be because they are renting storks for themselves and the grandparents, or they are having twins. We do offer a 10% military discount on everything we do. 

Are your products made in America?

Yes, everything we sell is made in America. We are so very lucky and proud to be an American, mama-owned business, and we pride ourselves on giving our money to other American businesses. 

How do I know being a Stork Handler is for me? 

This is going to be different for everyone. Bobbi often says she didn’t choose to be a stork handler; the birds choose her. However, if you can answer “yes” to the following questions, then you know you’re flying into the right direction: 

  • Do you want to work from home? 
  • Do you enjoy talking to people and sharing in the joy of others? 
  • Do you desire work flexibility?
  • Do you want to make your own hours?
  • Do you have a reliable car? 
  • Do you want to have the availability to go on vacation or day trips without extensive planning and request for time off? 
  • Do you desire a sustainable work/life balance ? 
  • Do you want an opportunity that brings in more money the harder you work as opposed to a capped salary?
  • Do you have a family and want to be available for the everyday but important things? 

If you answered YES to the above questions, then it’s time to schedule a “101 Meet the Stork Handler” introductory call!

How do I get started with a Stork Starter Kit? 

Getting started is simple. Give us a call 1877-stork-80, send us an email storkhandlercentral@gmail.com, or fill out this form on our website.