Meet a Yard Card Business Owner: Alison Morgan

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Meet the Yard Card Business Owner

Meet Alison Morgan:

Alison has been a yard card and stork handler for Days 2 Remember going on six months. She first heard about the South Jersey-based business while searching for a way to celebrate her best friend’s 40th birthday party in December of 2020.

When did you start selling and renting storks?

It was in the middle of a global pandemic, and without being able to host a party, she wanted something really special to commemorate the milestone birthday.

She asked for a quote from Bobbi Daniels at Days 2 Remember, and also looked for displays on Amazon and Etsy. When she went back to Bobbi’s Facebook page to follow up, she saw that Days 2 Remember was hiring. 

“I inquired about the job opportunity, and found out that one of the perks of being a stork handler is being able to set up displays for friends and loved ones for free,” Alison says. “It was sort of like killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.”

Alison Morgan

Alison started the new gig with one to two displays per week, and has since ramped up so much business that it has become a full-time job for the stay-at-home mom. Now that folks are able to celebrate in person again, Days 2 Remember storks and yard cards serve as the centerfolds for every important occasion.

Business has really taken flight between recent graduations, birth announcements (including a recent stork display honoring twins), and birthdays, and Alison says there have only been two days in the last two months where she hasn’t put up a display.

However, when setting up yard card decorations, Alison says it doesn’t feel like work because she is having so much fun.

She loves that she has the flexibility to pick and choose the jobs she wants to take, and that she can bring her husband on “impromptu dates” at night, or lug along her kids for afternoon display set ups.

Yard Card Business Owner's Stork Rental

What do you like most about the business?

“That flexibility is amazing,” Alison says. “Sometimes, I bring my husband with me to help set up the storks or other yard signs, and he sort of acts like my engineer, helping me find better and more efficient ways to keep the signs stabilized.

Alison Morgan

He gets really into it, too. We’ve shared our experiences with other stork handlers to help them be more successful with their displays as well.

Alison Morgan

I currently have my niece and nephew staying with us, and it’s great to be able to bring them and let them run around the yards, while I set up fun displays for the customers.”

Since December, Alison has set up 389 displays. Highlights have included celebrating rainbow babies with storks, honoring graduates from Kindergarteners to High School Seniors and even a graduation ceremony for an entire school, and her aunt’s memorable 60th birthday. 

Alison Morgan

“Being creative and making people happy feels good. I love being able to provide those warm, fuzzy feelings for others”

Alison Morgan

Of course, making money and being able to provide for her family is also a great feeling.

Since starting out in the business, the mother of five has been able to plan and pay for her family’s week-long vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina happening later this summer, when her son will be competing in a baseball tournament. And she’s also starting to save money to replace the roof on her family’s house.

“This job has allowed me to contribute financially in meaningful ways for our family,” she said.

Alison Morgan

“We didn’t have to dip into our savings because I could pay for the vacation up front. And now, I’m saving extra money to go toward the new roof. It feels awesome to contribute in these ways, too.”

Alison Morgan

Interested in becoming a stork handler like Alison? Email Bobbi Daniels at to learn more.

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