Stork Handlers of a Feather Stick Together

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Isabelle Deal, a junior at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA, is one of Days 2 Remember’s youngest Stork Handlers. What started as a seasonal position during a visit back home from school, and a recommended money-making opportunity from her mom and aunt—both of whom are also Stork and Yard Card Handlers—has now become a part-time job that allows Isabelle to have the college experience she always dreamed of.

Her Stork Handler Story

“The main thing that has benefitted me with this line of work is being able to put more money toward my student loans,” Isabelle said. “I’ve also had the opportunity to buy things that I always wanted but wasn’t able to afford a year ago. “Clothing, fun outings, and even getting certain foods when I want them… I’m talking about sushi!”

Of course, being the responsible student she is, Isabelle makes sure she never overspends, and only puts money into experiences and things she really wants and can afford.

In addition to being a student studying psychology, Isabelle is also a full-time athlete on the Track and Field team as a thrower. Her busy schedule doesn’t allow for a regular part-time job with set hours. When she first began working with Bobbi, she was coached on how to maximize her schedule.

“Bobbi and I have created a process that helps us organize and have our week planned well,” Isabelle explained. “Almost immediately, I discovered that this opportunity offered the flexibility of time, which is very useful for a college student like me. But time management skills are crucial to success. With time being flexible, that doesn’t mean things can be forgotten about. It helps me when I write my week down each week so I can see how my school/athletics will line up with work so I can make my schedule as easy and efficient as possible. “

That flexibility depends on the customer side of things as well. Isabelle shared that this is the type of position where you have to know how to roll with the punches. “Things happen, dates can change, and a customer may change their mind,” she said. “If any kind of situation happens that you are not prepared for, just take a breath and look at what can come next, and take each moment one at a time.”

So far Isabelle has set up displays for a variety of celebrations and accomplishments, including birthdays, anniversaries, and birth announcements, but she is soon transitioning to just stork handling, which she is pretty excited about. “I can’t wait to see the big smiles on their faces as I give the families their keepsake bundles,” she said. 

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