Meet a Yard Card Business Owner: Alan

2023 Yard Card Business Owner

What better way to understand the in’s and out’s of running a yard sign business than to hear it from the pro’s themselves! 

We created this highlight series to showcase all of the successful yard carders and stork rental business owners that we’ve helped launch.

Meet the Yard Card Business Owner

Meet Alan Smith from Charlotte, North Carolina:

‘My name is Alan Smith and I currently live in Charlotte, NC. I am originally from NJ, but my family moved to Raleigh, NC when I was in high school. I first came to Charlotte in the mid-1990’s for college and fell in love with the city, the people and its southern hospitality. 

Charlotte has grown a tremendous amount since then and families continue to move here to enjoy our affordable cost of living, strong economy, and our close proximity to both the mountains and the beaches.’

Are stork rentals your primary source of income?

‘When I am not delivering storks to families, I work as a consultant in the financial services industry. ‘

When and why did you start a yard card business?

‘I am new to the stork rental business and primarily serve the Charlotte metropolitan market. I launched the business for several reasons, but primarily to help people celebrate special moments in their life. 

I enjoy putting a smile on peoples faces and creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

I also wanted a business that my mother could help operate. She is a retired school teacher and I thought this would be a great way for us to team up and work together. 

Although I am just getting started in the stork rental business, I see potential to expand and grow the business into other yard signs, and start incorporating birthday yard cards, anniversary, etc. ‘

What is your current business focus?

‘My focus for the first year is to learn as much as I can about the market and decide on next steps in Q4 2023. ‘

Stork Yard Cards - Yard Card Business Owner

How has Stork Handler Central Helped You?

Stork Handler Central has been extremely helpful in getting me up to speed and helping me navigate the yard sign rental business. 

The coaching calls with Bobbi and access to the learning portal have accelerated my ability to hit the ground running. 

For example, the team provided me with a list of startup supplies to purchase; without knowing which vendors or materials I needed to operate efficiently, I would be lost. 

Access to people who know the business has greatly reduced my learning curve and allowed me to move much quicker.

2023 will be my first year in business, so I am super excited! Meeting new people, learning the business and delivering happiness with my storks are my primary goals. 

If I can accomplish this, it will be a win-win for me and my customers! 



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