How The Stork Handler Program was Born

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Bobbi Daniels founded Days 2 Remember just 5 short weeks after giving birth to her Rainbow Baby Adia in April of 2018. She still vividly recalls the experience of arriving home with her new family of three to the welcoming scene of a stork display.

“The stork stood so proud on our lawn, telling the world—finally, we did it!” Bobbi recalls. “Finally, a perfect little baby girl was coming home. I sat on the sidewalk as my husband carried our beautiful baby to the door and sobbed. There she was in all her glory, the stork was finally at our house.” 

It was certainly a Day 2 Remember, and it sparked a passion and business drive in the former marketing professional. As Bobbi started nestling into her new role as Mom, and began processing all the emotions that came with giving birth after a traumatic miscarriage, she started researching storks, their symbolism, and how the old fashioned stork lawn display was a century-long tradition. She absorbed everything she could on small at home business ideas, and filed for the Days 2 Remember LLC, knowing the stork would be playing a huge role in her business’s future.

Early Birds & Days 2 Remember Transitions

First, experimenting with crafting ideas and “bringing home baby” experiences, and with lots of inspiration on Pinterest, Bobbi learned a lot about the niche business of yard card letters for sale and yard card distribution. From personal experience, she knew she could design a customizable product, and develop a sustainable process fairly early with her new business.   

“For 9 months, I rented storks and began experimenting with my own designs,” Bobbi says “I staked them in my own yard, and tested different ideas to see what worked best from a handler’s perspective. Just like a pregnancy with 9 months of continual growth and transformation, the project of finding the quickest, most effective way to make money with storks took on its own life.”

Fast forward to May of 2021, and Bobbi has designed a stork and business opportunity that not only makes her job more efficient, but can also be reproduced for entrepreneurs interested in profitable at home business ideas by starting or expanding their own yard card businesses through a licensed agreement or franchise opportunity with Days 2 Remember called Stork Handler Central®.

“Being a local stork handler myself has allowed me the opportunity to know exactly what a stork handler wants and needs,” Bobbi explained. “Now I’m ready to share my knowledge, experience, and resources with new moms and women who are ready to work from home, or want ideas for at home business opportunities. It can be a really scary and unknown leap, so I’m providing a service I wish I had when I first started out.”

The Perks of Being a Stork Handler
The business opportunity offers participants use of their own Stork Handler Central®  storks, which are easily transported, made with quality and long-lasting materials and yard card supplies, and can be customized with exciting themes and display additions. Many stork handlers in the program are also given promotional and marketing materials, as well as access to professional marketing and branding experts, to help them be more successful. And last, but not least, stork handlers have a built-in community where they can connect with Bobbi and each other on ways to grow and improve their yard card and in home business ideas. For more information about these perks, please inquire with Bobbi about Stork Handler Central’s® licensing agreement and franchise opportunities, which offer different benefits.  

“This program is more than renting out stork displays to excited customers with a new baby in their family, it’s about building a network of brave, work-from-home moms and sharing in their success stories,” says Bobbi.

Stay tuned for profiles, tips, product highlights, and more information about this stork handler community in the weeks and months to come. Interested in becoming a part of the flock? Contact Bobbi Daniels at

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