Start a Yard Sign Business

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A Unique Work-From-Home Opportunity

What if you could bring joy to someone every day? Become an independent business owner who makes their own hours, works from home, and has the ability to spend time doing the things they enjoy most while making an income.

We do not sell to anyone else in your area, helping you to be successful.

If you are looking for a unique, fun, and rewarding work-from-home opportunity, learn about starting your lawn sign business or adding to your current business with our industry-leading yard signs and storks!

Start a Yard Card Business in 3 Easy Steps

1. Apply

Use the “Request Information” form above to begin your application process. The application process is selective, we need to ensure your territory is open. You’ll have the opportunity to chat with our CEO and ask any questions you may have before signing up or placing your  order.

2. Pick Your Package

We offer several different starter packages to suit your budget. As well as an annual subscription to give you access to our store and locked territory. Your starter pack order will be prepared and shipped directly to your door! 

3. Join Our Flock

Become a stork handler and gain access to your personalized account with tons of offerings for “dressing” your stork.  Along with a guided buying process helping you to get the most bang for your buck and produce beautiful designs! 

How do we help you Start a Yard Sign Business?

Stork Handlers are independent business owners who already own or are interested in starting a yard card and stork rental business.

We offer affordable, proprietary storks and yard cards on a wholesale basis. You purchase your yard card starter kit, you run your business, and you keep your profits! We share our products and proven strategies to help you succeed along the way.

If you are interested in purchasing our yard card starter kit or adding to your yard card and stork rental business, please reach out to us for more information.

Stork handlers spread job, live their best life, and make money while giving back to their local community. They enjoy our proprietary stork and yard card designs that are only sold to our affiliates. We sell to one customer per territory, we are not a franchise, we just want our customers to be successful!  

Who should start a Yard Sign Business?

Starting a yard sign business or stork rental business is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a side hustle or to turn a side hustle into a full-time career. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to make extra income, or someone who wants to start a local business that can be scaled, starting a yard sign business could be your solution.

What you’re getting by working with us are proven products and proven strategies. Our proprietary storks are made from the best materials on the market and our marketing plans are tried and tested. We have you covered – from guidance on building a high-converting website – to sending you your first stork.