The best business for stay-at-home moms

Best Business for Stay-at-Home Moms

Running a family can truly be a full time job of its own.

In today’s world, most of us are looking to make extra money from the comfort of our homes. As a mom, doing so whilst still having the time and flexibility to tend to your children can be very difficult.

We’ve explored dozens of different business models and have found the best business for stay-at-home moms. So if you’re looking to start a business, look no further.

What is the best business for stay-at-home moms who want to make some extra money?

It was 2018, I had been through years of infertility and that spring finally brought home my rainbow baby. Suddenly, the world had shifted.

What I thought I wanted and what I actually needed were two very different things until I took a harder look and realized “how” we achieved these things didn’t have to be one way.

There is ALWAYS an alternative strategy.

  • I wanted to stay home 
  • I needed to make money 
  • I wanted to be with my little one
  • I needed to for us both to feel safe 
  • I wanted flexibility and presence 
  • I needed confidence 

The overall theme was that I needed to find something that allowed me to stay home with my little one, make money, and make me feel good. 

The market is saturated with Multi- level marketing which is targeted to this need and want for new mothers or ladies in the 23- 40 age range that are raising children. The price point, the promises, the system built on “free for a friend,” or “have a free launch party” etc. etc. 

Products revolve around items like makeup, hair, weight loss, nutrition , cooking, house supplies, and scents. Items we generally all have in common.

The “friend” piece speaks to our lack of confidence and almost reaffirms it, “you need their permission”  and though there is nothing wrong with taking part in one of these selling techniques IF they match your interest…

For me personally I had a huge disconnect on selling to friends and family and additionally selling products that to me felt like they targeted women in a way of creating a click through shaming. 

I wanted a product that felt like I “serving,” which is what we refer to as ethically selling. Selling that isn’t selling because I want to make a dollar but selling because I am serving in a way that is equally beneficial for all parties involved. It’s that “feel good” feeling that makes you do it, again and again and again. 

And all this is how I started a local stork rental business. Through my local stork rental business I found confidence, success, revenue, fabulous relationships, purpose, community, and every need and want were being met in a way that felt like I had choice. After realizing what I had found , I wanted to share it.

I wanted other moms to know they had a choice that didn’t involve sacrificing the wants for the needs. And thats how Stork Handler Central was born. 

Best Business for Stay-at-Home Moms: Stork Rental

How can you find the time to start a business while taking care of your kids and household responsibilities?

Starting a business needs love and time. It’s why it’s important that you really enjoy what you are doing. If money if driving the whole decision it will never work. It’s why diets don’t work. It’s a short term fix for a REAL never going away issue. Why lose weight when you can get strong? It’s a lifestyle

You will never find the time if you don’t love what you’re doing. The time you spend on strolling the phone or watching tv or doing any of the things in life that aren’t contributing to your end goal , thats the time that can be spent on your business.

I started slow, first it was really researching and understanding my market and my product, then it was buying the product, a one page website honestly a google form to get us started, answering my phone when it rings (not having to apologize for my little one existing in the background). 

Making baby bundles when making dinner. Yes, there was a time my cutting machine sat on the counter and this is how I ran my stork rental business. Morning deliveries with my baby that turned into Dunkin’ stops for munchkins with my toddler. 

It was an evolution. It’s time management, and looking at your business as a means to an end. The end of the era of working for someone else, asking for holidays and birthdays off, hoping you don’t work Christmas morning . 

You must be your biggest fan and keep motivating yourself to reach whatever it is you have determined as success. 

What are some tips for staying organized and maintaining productivity when working from home?

Create yourself a space, in the beginning mine was in my dark basement, I found a desk on the marketplace , ordered a grass wall and my cutting machine and hung my Saint Teresa  “Do it anyway” poem. As revenue increased I found a little budget to continue to add to pieces of my office that made me feel happy.

Now I have my own office , cloud decor and storks everywhere. I hang my daughters stork bundle on the wall, reminding me of the beginning and to keep going. 

Set time for your business, when she was little we used nap time as my most productive time , which also meant I got the house in order early. When staying home it’s still important to have a routine, getting dressed and making beds always seemed to get me in the flow for the day. 

As the business grew I gave it a few hours in the morning , nap time and then if possible an hour or so at night. BUT by this point I was actually developing 2 businesses. A stork business itself with a true process will take less of your time as you grow it. 

Best Business for Stay-at-Home Moms: Daughter Helping

What are some common challenges stay-at-home moms who run their own businesses face?

I would name the biggest challenge I faced when starting the business, was just getting started.

This business idea and concept had lived in my heart along time, but I didn’t know exactly what the product and service were. I knew I wanted to celebrate life and the day baby’s came home but the market didn’t offer a lot of ideas or ways to do this and so for us it was the process in actually developing it. 

The other obstacle to overcome was the noise. The people around me finding the idea of starting my own business and stork rental in general to be almost funny. 

The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone starting a business is to never take advice from someone whose not doing or where you want to be , because how do they know? What makes them an expert in what you are about to do ?  Do not hold relationships as a  business authority. 

And lastly, confidence. You must first , believe in you and make the decision that you are fully invested in your productivity, happiness, and success. 

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