At Home Business Ideas For Moms With Flex Schedules

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One of the greatest advantages of starting a work-from-home business venture is the flexibility it gives you to focus on what matters to you most. Just ask Days 2 Remember founder, Bobbi Daniels.

Best Business Ideas for Moms

“As a Type A personality I thrive under checklists, and accomplishing a ton early in the day, so a schedule is pretty important to me,” Bobbi says. “However, my need to check a box does not align with my child’s needs to be present in the early hours of the morning or though moments throughout the work day.”

Bobbi daniels

Bobbi is the mother of a 3-year-old girl named Adia, who loves going outside to admire the flowers and pick weeds, playing in her sandbox, checking in on her rock garden, and going on scuba adventures in the bathtub.

With Bobbi’s flexible work-from-home schedule, she can be present for moments, big and small, in Adia’s life.

And she’s able set up phone calls, meet with customers, or respond to email or other types of communication when it’s convenient for her.

“I take calls as we work through our morning routine. Yes, I book orders from the sidelines of the tub. And you can find paper and pens in every room of my home,” Bobbi explains.

Bobbi Daniels

Today, Bobbi gets to be a mom and business owner on her own terms. Typically starting her day by 5 a.m., she can choose when or if she needs to hit the snooze button. This flexibility gives her the permission to decide what’s most important to focus on in that moment or for the day.

“This freedom to choose how each day will go actually increases my performance and joy, and feeds my soul. I feel more present and patient. To put it simply: I’m alive and energized because all that I do now has choice,”

Bobbi Daniels

Six Advantages Of Choosing Your Own Schedule

That’s really what is at the heart of Bobbi’s business:

Making every moment of every day something to remember, and being physically and mentally present for these occasions.

Three years into launching the at-home yard card business, Bobbi is now growing Days 2 Remember into a licensed agreement and franchise opportunity for other stay-at-home moms and women who are thinking of starting their own work-from-home journeys or looking for at home small business ideas that work.

Through the company’s Stork Handler Central program, you can also enjoy the many benefits that come with making your own flexible schedule:

  • No long work commutes: As a stork handler, you will mostly conduct business from your home, scheduling stork arrivals for special days, and setting up yard cards and displays on dates you discuss directly with your clients.
  • Full-time & part time opportunities: Mornings, evenings, afternoons, or just weekends, you can decide when and where to focus your efforts based on your own schedule and work preferences.
  • Quality time with your loved ones: By working at home, you can be present for everyday miracles and important dates without feeling the pressure or stress that often comes from missing a day at work.
  • Say goodbye to “mom guilt”: This opportunity allows you to live for your family, not for your job. The flexibility to do the work when it’s convenient for you, sleep in when you need to, or take extra time to read a book, take a bath, or enjoy breakfast is all in your control.
  • Learn tips on your own time: Bobbi has already done the research and knows exactly what you need to succeed in this line of work. When you sign up for the program, you’ll be given the tools and resources you need to make a viable income for your family. Be sure to read the brand materials and check in with other stork handlers during your available hours.
  • Be your own boss: While Bobbi and her team are here to assist you if you want your business to grow, you get to call the shots, setting your own goals and growth strategies.

Bobbi says that the ability to work and be near Adia every single day brings out the best in her as a mom and business owner, and she wants to help other moms and working women find meaningful work with an ideal schedule. 

“I want to be better and do better because her little eyes are always watching,” says Bobbi. “I want her to understand that life is flexible and always changing; that it’s okay to change your mind and reinvent yourself and pursue what sets your heart on fire today, even if that looks different than yesterday. I want to live a life of freedom and choice, instead of forcing my child to conform to the standards.”

Bobbi Daniels

Ready to embrace these unique at home business ideas that support a flexible schedule? Become a part of Stork Handler Central today by contacting Bobbi Daniels at

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