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Is a yard sign franchise a better option than owning your own yard sign business?

The problem with this question is that it will be different for everyone. The success of your business regardless of which model you opt to go with is going to be determined by you. 

Important notes to make when considering your return on investment. 

A yard sign franchise will license you the product and branding , method, turnkey solution for starting a business and in return you will pay your initial investment for this solution and then continue to pay what is known as “royalties” based on your sales.

I would name this as one of the biggest reasons people sometimes decide not to go with the yard card franchise method. 

When you own your own business your startup investment might be less but so is the knowledge.

Essentially you are paying into a franchise to cut out the learning curve, which through time will cost you money.

What is a yard sign franchise?

Well, a franchise is a type of business arrangement where the franchisor grants an individual or group (known as franchisees) the right to use the franchisor’s trademarks, logos, and other proprietary information in order to operate a business.

In exchange for this right, the franchisee pays a royalty or other fee to the franchise.

Will starting my own business entail same costs as starting a yard sign franchise?

Well, that will really depends on your money management skills, ability to follow trends, and strategy. 

Personally, sharing royalties and not being able to have some ‘creative say’ in my business is what deterred me from the franchise model for starting a yard card and stork rental business, and ultimately was the reason that I didn’t build out the whole side around it.

At stork handler central we wanted to make starting your own business as simple as possible with a great product.

When we started, we definitely were not using the best products, but over the years, through research and development, we’ve created the highest quality stork on the market. We put in the work to really help get you the most revenue for your investment. 

Stork Yard Sign - Yard Sign Franchise

The top reasons our stork handlers purchase our wholesale yard cards and stork yard sign products are:

  • They get to be their own boss and continue to be their own boss. Having complete control over their business name, logo, slogan, prices, profits, other products, etc. 
  • Lower Entry Cost , compared to the very few stork wholesalers we are more than comparable with a very modern and beautiful product. You get access to your territory, our yard cards and storks which are protected in our locked store, and  access to our support 

If you’re interested in starting a yard card business we make the process super simple , fill out a form we can schedule a call or send you pricing through email.

If your territory is available you will have the choice to purchase either yard card starter kit, stork kit, flocking kit, a mix of all of them.

If you would like to apply for financing we have options available that might fit your needs.

Please request more info by filling out a form so we can support you.

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