About Us

Make it a day to remember with custom yard signs and rentals for all occasions!

About Stork Handler

Become a stork handler and grow your own yard sign business today!

Our mission is to help you build and grow a stork yard sign business in your own local area.

We’re called Stork Handler Central because storks will always be a yard sign business’s main bread and butter. A soon-to-be mom renting a stork is a timeless tradition that continues to see growth to this day!

Stork Handler Central sells inventory storks, yard cards, marquee numbers, and marquee letters to those who own a business or are looking to start a yard sign business.

Our program is a fantastic work-from-home business opportunity and has helped dozens of ‘stork handlers’ start their own businesses across the US over the past few years.

A “stork handler” is what we refer to our customers as. For example:  When you sign up for our program and start selling our inventory – you are now a ‘stork handler’.

After spending years building a successful stork yard signs business in Jersey, I’ve helped over a dozen other people launch their own yard sign business selling storks in over 7 other states!

We started our local stork business as a way to build in extra income for vacations, now it’s my full time job. There are many different ways in which you can go about this industry in terms of the products you offer, taking into consideration your lifestyle and time. 

Currently we have Stork Handlers in parts of:

  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Texas
  • Canada
  • South Carolina
  • Colorado

This list is constantly growing and we’re expanding fast!

About Bobbi:

The First Stork Handler and Founder

Bobbi completed her education in the city of her favorite football team (Go Eagles) and graduated as a Temple Owl. Bobbi took her love of birds and became the first stork handler in NJ, with a B.S., in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Bobbi has been drawn to customer satisfaction and “taking care of people,” since the beginning.

It all started, after a difficult journey, Bobbi and her husband finally brought home a little girl. When turning the corner to her street seeing the beautiful stork gifted to her by her mom and everything that it represented, joy filled her heart, inspiring her to want to share that feeling with every future parent, friends, and family possible.

After leading nonprofits and other small businesses in the development and implementation of processes and best practices Bobbi applied her skills to her life passion of spreading joy to develop her own local business helping her community celebrate their days to remember through yard cards and stork rentals.

When Bobbi is not on a lawn near you or designing displays and birth announcements, she can be found enjoying time with her family, and furry friend, princess the guard dog.